Employment Opportunities

Are you seeking to serve others with your God given talents? If so, thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at Lawrence Drive.

We are seeking candidates for the following positions:

Youth Pastor

Worship Leader

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Youth Pastor

Job Details


5774 School Rd

Macon, GA 31216

(478) 788-2571


Job Description

Lawrence Drive Baptist Church is actively seeking a Youth Pastor to serve our congregation, and reach our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The expected time requirement for this position is 36-40 hours per week and would also include serving in other roles and spiritual disciplines of the church.


We believe in the Lordship of Jesus and so submit to Gods’ will for our church as we embark on this hiring process. As a Christ exalting, mission minded Southern Baptist Church, our body is passionate about worship, fellowship, service, spiritual birth, spiritual growth and the great commission. We strive to fulfill the mandate, mission and ordinances of a New Testament Church as set forth in the Word of God.


We exist to win people to Jesus, grow those in Jesus, love God with everything we have and to do the work of the ministry. Our members are nurtured through Christian discipleship so that each one of us is built up in our Christian walk, faith, hope and love. Through the proclamation of the Gospel by word, and ministering to human needs in the name of Jesus, we believe that we can train champions for Jesus for generations to come.


As a Church we were established in 1968 and have a Sunday morning worship attendance of 175-200 plus about 50 in children's ministry. We are seeking a spiritual leader who is obviously called and anointed for this position; someone who shares similar theological convictions and who will preach the Gospel and teach the Bible in dynamic, creative and meaningful ways.


Interested candidates should submit their resume and videos of their teaching to the Lawrence Drive Personnel Committee at the address listed above or through the Lawrence Drive Church Facebook page.


Job Requirements:

  •  A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  •  A two or four year college degree is preferred.
  •  A minimum of 2 years experience as a youth leader at a similar church is desired.
  •  A person who is a team player that puts the Master and the mission before all else.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

We are looking for a candidate who…

  • Makes winning young people to Jesus and discipling those in Jesus the goal of their ministry
  • Spends intentional time each week investing in their own spiritual growth and maturity so that they are better equipped and are not disqualified
  • Has the ability to contribute to the vision of Lawrence Drive summarized by Ephesians 4:12-13
  • Finds an accountability partner who will strengthen, encourage and help them in spiritual matters
  • Seeks to find ways to integrate the parents so that they become partners in the ministry and objectives of the youth group
  • Supports parents in their endeavors to effectively fulfill their role as Christian parents who disciple their teens
  • Establishes strong relationships with the youth through constant engagement and provides counseling and spiritual discernment as needed
  • Promotes an environment where students feel connected to each other and feel valued and celebrated
  • Creates a plan whereby unchurched youth will be effectively ministered to and invited to partake in church activities
  • Maintains a close working relationship with the public and private schools in Macon so that through partnership with them, youth will be drawn to Jesus and Lawrence Drive
  • Adequately plans and prepares for all youth services, meetings and activities
  • Recruits, trains and shepherds volunteers who share similar testimonies, goals and visions
  • Trains the youth of Lawrence Drive to effectively and actively witness to people in their circle of influence and beyond and teaches them to disciple their peers that respond to that witness
  •  Maintains contact with both students and their parents by keeping them informed of ongoing activities and intentionally checking in with them from time to time
  • Leads and organizes youth programs that incorporate fellowship, worship, Biblical teaching, prayer, discipleship, mentoring, evangelism, missions, giving, fun activities, and service opportunities
  •  Collaborates with the staff to create ministry opportunities that will enable us to accomplish the mission of Lawrence Drive Baptist Church
  • Takes students to an appropriate summer camp where they will grow spiritually while enjoying themselves through fun activities
  • Manages student fees and fundraising opportunities for the ministry, missions and camp
  • Monitors and controls the annual youth budget as approved by the Finance Committee
  • Spends time each week praying with our Senior Pastor and discussing ministry, opportunities and needs
  • Participates in training opportunities as offered Models a Christ-centered and empowered lifestyle to the youth and congregation of our church